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Lake Mead Water Could Be Gone by 2021

What happens to the Southwestern part of the US if Lake Mead continues to water out?

First, the Hoover Dam (pictured at right) would not be producing power. That would mean 1.3 million people living in California, Arizona & Nevada would be without their electricity.

Second, roughly 8 million people would no longer have access to water.

The Lake Mead/Lake Powell/Colorado River system is currently at about 50% capacity. Based on current water use & projected future demand, the system is on an unsustainable death spiral. Things are so bad that there is a 10% chance Lake Mead could be dry by 2014. That should be alarming for residents of the southwest, to say the least.

This is one of many problems that require quick action by state & local government & lifestyle changes by people. Without that action & those changes, the southwest is heading for a "major societal disruption".

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