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Failing the Vision Test

Realize that the energy crisis is fueled by a complete lack of long-term vision.

The average fuel economy of the automobile fleet in the US in 2008 has risen to 20.8 miles per gallon. In 1987, the average was 22.0 miles per gallon. source

Pretty much says it all ... grade: F

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As a fan of fiscal economic policies to affect negative behavior imagine if "we" would have listened to the idea that former Presidential candidate Dave Anderson's offered in 1980. Specifically he suggested that a good way to curb gas consumption would be to add $.05/year in perpetuity to the federal fuel tax? Of course eveyone screamed which should have indicated that it was a good idea. And to that end I believe that such a tax policy would have forced the automakers to produce cars that would net 30MPG+. Taxes and tariffs have long been a clear and well defined way to impact behavior for the betterment of all; something the free market can easily miss.

yeah we should have done what the danes did back in the 70s & 80s. they are now totally energy independent & export renewable technology around the globe. they accomplished that largely through taxes & policy decisions & they look a hell of a lot smarter than we do now

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