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Utah Could Be a Green Power Monster

Since I moved to Salt Lake about 7 months ago, I often get asked about the biggest surprise from people back home. WIthout a doubt, I've been most surprised by how sunny it is here. The summer was insane - it was always blue skies & blazing sun.

Being a solar energy nerd, I couldn't help but wonder why there wasn't more solar out here. Turns out the state isn't even remotely behind solar & without some sort of subsidy, solar energy just isn't cost-competitive.

But it turns out that Utah isn't only a great spot for solar. As this article states, Utah has very promising wind resources. And there is geothermal out there as well.

This state is poised very well once the government begins pouring money into renewable energy & creating long-term incentives for renewable energy investment. Just watch, Utah might be behind the curve today ... but as soon as the tide turns, it will be a great spot for all types of renewable energy projects, investments & jobs.

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